Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Activity #2 Life Long Learning

After reading the 7 1/2 Habits of a life long learner I quickly selected the habit that has caused the most grief/stress .... "use technology to your advantage". I do however love having an iPHONE even though I only use a few of the apps. When I received my new computer at work, the stress and learning curve once again caused my blood to come to the surface. I'm having to spend additional time learning the new version of Word and still can't send files from my desktop.

The easiest of the habits ..... "play"! I enjoy helping students find a particular book that meets their reading level, genera, number of pages etc. I like to play or mess with them when I feel they need to be challenged with a higher reading level, select a middle school book they haven't already read and not an everybody book! Of course I steer them away from the adult/high school level books with the big points in the AR program. Play at home means walking my dog "Izzy" into different neighborhoods learning different street names, identifying new birds especially in the Accipiters/Hawks species and still challenged with my cable remote. I don't watch tv that often but why am I being haunted by "The Biggest Loser". This is not learning rather I am disgusted by the physical activities they make these out of shape folks engage in every week. Enough!